LOD provides all cleared personnel, equipment, materials, supervision and non-personal services necessary to provide human transcription services in support of the Federal Government. LOD supports transcription of taped and digitally recorded audio materials to a written record authenticated for accuracy in English as well as other various languages and is experienced with handling various media storage such as tapes (micro, VHS, and DVR), CDs and DVDs as well as transporting the material in a secured manner. LOD offers transcription services to include:

  • Conference, Seminar and Workshop Proceedings
  • Business Meetings, Panel Discussions
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Interviews, Speeches, Lectures
  • Teleconferences and Conference Calls
  • TV/Radio Shows and Programs
  • Press Briefings, Media Availability
  • Technical and Legal

Multimedia Services:

LOD possesses a team of highly qualified Braille translators, Voicetalents for various age groups, Stenographers for precise and accurate captioning, and Editors for desktop publishing in all languages. LOD also ensures the translated publication documents are at the same reading level as the original documents and are understood by a general audience with a variety of dialects, if applicable within the target language. LOD currently supports the Federal Government in the following multimedia services in all languages:

  • Braille
  • Voiceover Narrations
  • Website Localization
  • Subtitling
  • Captioning
  • Desktop Publishing

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