LOD offers an experience-based, low-risk, best value solution for various forms of document translation services in over 130 languages. With the wealth of experience in providing linguistic services to various clients nationwide, LOD provides its customers with the technical excellence of a premier team of linguists. Over 85% of our professionals possess a Master’s degree or above in the field of linguistics and a majority of our language experts hold security clearances. Our translators also have real-world experience in the field in which we serve, equipping them with technical expertise that adds to their translation accuracy for various industries.



LOD supports simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in more than 130 languages to U.S. government agencies, conferences, global corporations, professional associations, law firms, and more. Whether it is an international conference, business meeting with your overseas partners, or a visit from a foreign delegation, we can help you communicate in their target language. LOD understands that interpretation services require high level proficiency and attention to cultural nuances. Our expert interpreters have the capability to perform both consecutive and simultaneous interpretations at various settings such as court, conference, meetings, and escort. The majority of our interpreters hold security clearances and multiple certifications and credentials from Department of State, AIIC, and American Translators Association.

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